Our Mission

To provide superior quality healthcare services that:

PATIENTS recommend to family and friends,

PHYSICIANS prefer for their patients,

PURCHASERS select for their clients,

EMPLOYEES are proud of, and

INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.

Our Principles

Our Principles set a high bar and reflect our purpose.

They describe what we do — and how we do it.
They exemplify the excellence that we offer, at every facility, every day, to every patient, at every encounter.
They reflect who we are, what we stand for, how we operate, and how we interact.

Simply stated, we stand for excellence — each and every day, at each and every encounter.



We Provide Superior Quality Patient Care

At UHS, we strive to be the provider of choice because we are passionate about providing superior quality care for each patient we are privileged to serve.

  • Many of our patients face complex health challenges and we work hard to help them lead the fullest lives possible.
  • We are very aware that behind every patient are families and loved ones who also need support.
  • Every patient interaction matters and we believe our patient-centric approach is reflected in our high patient-satisfaction scores and strong regulatory record.

We Value Each Member of Our Team and All Their Good Work

We know that the quality of the patient experience is driven by the personal compassion, competence and commitment our team members deliver every day.

  • We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  • We work hard to attract and retain the best talent by offering rewarding, long-term careers, providing attractive advancement opportunities and investing in continuing education and training.
  • We believe in encouraging a collaborative approach among our staff because we all share the goal of providing superior quality patient care and support to families and loved ones.

We Are Committed to Being a Highly Ethical Healthcare Provider

At UHS, we set higher ethical standards for ourselves because caring for our patients is a sacred trust.

  • We are committed to fostering a culture of accountability at all levels.
  • We encourage our employees to report anything they believe could be out of compliance with our values and we provide protected ways for them to do that.
  • Our commitment to fairness and integrity extends to everyone with whom we interact and do business.

We Are Devoted to Serving Our Local Community

Healthcare providers have always played a special role in the community, and we cherish that responsibility.

  • We care a lot about the well-being of our community because like our patients, we live and work here, too.
  • We are proud to make positive economic contributions that include providing good jobs with opportunity.
  • We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to support local organizations and causes and maintain local affiliations that help to make our community stronger.

See How We Live Our Principles