We are working to transform the healthcare supply chain through innovation, expertise and flawless execution of strategic initiatives.

UHS Supply Chain focuses on evaluating, selecting and acquiring supplies, equipment and services that allow physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide our patients with high quality care delivered safely, effectively and efficiently, and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Our work helps enhance the company's reputation as a leader in the healthcare marketplace and helps increase our financial strength and capabilities.

UHS is a member of the Premier, Inc. group purchasing organization (GPO), located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a strong supporter of using GPO contracts. For commodities not covered under Premier contracts, we will initiate contract negotiations with non-GPO vendors.

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UHS Supply Chain Operations

Companies and vendors who would like to be included in the UHS Supply Chain portfolio of approved suppliers should complete and submit a Supplier Registration form. When we receive the registration form, we will confirm its receipt via email and using the information provided, determine if the company or vendor should be pursued for inclusion in our portfolio. Be aware that submission, review and even acceptance of a Supplier Registration form does not imply or warrant automatic inclusion in a sourcing or contracting initiative, or guarantee a contract award. We retain all registration submissions for one calendar year only, so companies must file new registration forms annually and update registration information already on file.

Industry Representatives: Visiting UHS Facilities

Every UHS hospital or facility has a Supply Chain Director or another designated employee who is responsible for managing third-party industry representatives who deal with units/departments, physicians and nurses. Our acute care facilities use vendor credentialing and management applications to control vendor access. Vendors must obtain a UHS ID badge and be registered with the Supply Chain Operations department or security department prior to visiting any department, and may visit departments by appointment only or during hours designated by the department.

At facilities equipped with vendor management kiosks that dispense visitor name badges with proper identification, industry representatives do not have to report to supply operations every time they enter the facility.

We monitor the activity of Level 2 industry representatives to preserve our patients' interests, safety and right to privacy. UHS is committed to product standardization, volume purchasing and quality control over the materials, supplies and services used in our patient care activities. Because of that commitment, we manage and control the activities of third-party industry representatives through the procedures associated with our visitation policy. This policy also serves as a communication document to Level 2 Industry Representatives conducting business at UHS facilities.

  • Level 1 vendors are those who enter non-clinical areas
  • Level 2 vendor representation are those vendors who enter into clinical or patient care areas defined in our current policy manual as follows: Classification Level 2 – Clinical Health Care Industry Representatives HCIRs that primarily serve in clinical support roles. These HCIRs typically provide technical assistance or operate equipment. Their role requires them to typically work in patient care areas, and/or provide assistance to or consult with patient care staff.