Honoring a Healthcare Icon

A Vision That Changed Healthcare. A Legacy That's Changing Lives.

Alan B MillerIn 1979, Alan B. Miller had a vision. He would build a healthcare company that provides superior quality healthcare services that:

  • Patients recommend to family and friends,
  • Physicians prefer for their patients,
  • Purchasers select for their clients,
  • Employees are proud of, and
  • Investors seek for long-term returns.

Forty years later, that vision is a reality. Universal Health Services provides hospital and healthcare services across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.K. It is one of the largest providers of behavioral health services in the U.S.

While Alan B. Miller will transition CEO responsibilities to Marc D. Miller consistent with the company’s long-standing succession plan, his vision continues to inspire the 90,000 employees who care for 3.5 million patients annually. It improves health in the communities we serve. It is the foundation of our commitment to care for our communities.

And it always will be.

Thank you, Alan B. Miller.

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honoring Alan B. Miller.

40 Years of Impact. View this 2-minute video recapping the visionary leadership of Alan B. Miller.

Appreciation for Alan B. Miller

News of Mr. Miller’s transition set off a wave of well wishes from the company’s more than 90,000 employees, including these:

Kimberly Russo, CEO

The George Washington University Hospital, Washington, D.C.

I had the honor of joining The George Washington University Hospital as a frontline speech-language pathologist in 1997. In my more than 20 years with GW Hospital, I can truly say that Alan B. Miller has always inspired and motivated me to do my best as he simply believed in me. Thanks to his ongoing support and trust, I have been able to seek and obtain new positions within UHS, building upon my experience and honing my leadership skills. I want to thank Alan for his encouragement. I promise to continue to serve those we care for at the highest level and with upmost integrity.

Patrick Thurber, Staff Counsel

Corporate Office, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Mr. Miller, your commitment to excellence in everything you do has been an inspiration to me. I feel incredibly lucky to have landed at UHS, and much of my gratitude has to do with the culture and reputation you worked tirelessly to establish. We will work to maintain this reputation of excellence and to grow UHS in a manner that would make you proud. Thank you, and sending you all the best in your well-deserved retirement.

Nilda Rueda, RN, BSN

Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center, Eagle Pass, Texas

Dear Mr. Alan Miller, words cannot express the gratitude I have towards you. Although we have not met, I come from a small town in southwest Texas known as Eagle Pass. Your vision to expand and offer our growing city a hospital with various services to treat, manage, heal and rehabilitate has saved countless lives and kept family members close to their loved ones. I am a registered nurse, I gave birth to my children here and my entire family, including my 80-year-old father, are extremely grateful that you made Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center one of your UHS family members. You have truly made a difference in the lives of many people. Thank you.

Vicky McNally, Corporate Governance Director

Cygnet Health Care, United Kingdom

Winston Churchill once said, “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who live in it.” There are so few that can say they have made such a positive impact on improving people’s lives and on such a scale, not just for the people who use our services, but for staff too and local communities. Without doubt your legacy and many accomplishments will stand the test of time.

Maria M. Scher, CLDir, MT(ASCP)cm, Director, Clinical Laboratory

Wellington Regional Medical Center, Wellington, Florida

Mr. Miller is the most friendly and kind leader that I have had the privilege of meeting in all my years in the field. He walked through the lab speaking with my staff, smiling and inquiring about them in a personal way, just as if they there were his family members. It was amazing to see what a down-to-earth-individual he is, and how appreciated he is by my lab staff. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for your wonderful years of caring leadership. Please stay well and enjoy YOUR time now.

Kae Bell, CFO

Brentwood Hospital, Shreveport, Louisiana

Thank you for inspiring me to prioritize patient care in every daily decision. Not only does it improve our outcomes, it inspires me each day to be part of a facility that truly cares for our patients. Your genuine consideration for our patients and us, your team, inspires me to grow.