Needle in a Haystack: Identifying Trauma Buried Under Co-Occurring Disorders

Jamie Jones, LPC-S, NCC, M.Ed, Program Director for The New Orleans Institute for Trauma and Compulsive Behaviors and The Eating Disorders Program at River Oaks Hospital in New Orleans

Note: This is a recording from a live presentation, hosted by the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network on June 20, 2023. Only attendees of the live presentation are eligible to receive a CE credit from this seminar.

Three objectives of the presentation:

  • List three types of trauma a client may have experienced and how to identify them
  • List two treatment modalities that can be beneficial for clients with co-occurring disorders
  • List two therapy-interfering behaviors a client may exhibit to avoid addressing trauma history

The objective of this lecture is to provide both insight, psychoeducation and practical skills clinicians can obtain to better care for individuals with trauma and co-occurring disorders. Several topics will be discussed in this lecture. Attendees will be better able to define the term trauma and recognize trauma that clients themselves may have never coded as trauma. Attendees will gain insight to the layers of trauma. Prevalence rates of trauma and co-occurring disorders will also be discussed. By discussing prevalence rates, attendees will also gain insight to the symptomology of PTSD that often goes underdiagnosed. Attendees will also obtain tools to stabilize target one behaviors, while identifying and coding trauma. Through the exploration of these topics, the lecture will lead attendees to treatment modalities that are beneficial when working with clients with trauma buried under co-occurring disorders.

About the Speaker

Jamie Jones, LPC-S, NCC, M.Ed

Jamie Jones, LPC-S, NCC, M.Ed, is the Program Director for both The New Orleans Institute for Trauma and Compulsive Behaviors and The Eating Disorders Program at River Oaks Hospital in New Orleans. Ms. Jones has been a member of the treatment team at River Oaks for over 20 years. She started her career as a mental health behavioral specialist while pursuing her master’s degree from the University of New Orleans. After receiving her master’s degree, she went on to become the Admissions Coordinator for the specialty programs at River Oaks. Upon becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, Ms. Jones became a therapist on the Trauma and Compulsive Behaviors Program.

Since 2008, she has focused on treating both civilians, veterans and active duty service members who struggle with trauma, compulsive behaviors, eating disorders and underlying mental health concerns. In 2021, she became the Program Director of the specialty programs at River Oaks. Along with her dedication to acute inpatient care, Ms. Jones currently has a private practice treating individuals, families and couples. She is currently working towards becoming an Eating Disorders Certified Specialist through the International Association of Eating Disorder professional certification process. Ms. Jones has lectured both regionally and nationally on a variety of mental health issues.

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