Forbes: What CEOs Can Learn from the 2024 New York Knicks

February 2024 — Be Clear On Your Purpose and Identity.

Alan B MillerWhen Alan B. Miller founded Universal Health Services (UHS) in 1979, he had a vision: he sought to build a patient-centered healthcare company that would treat patients how he would want his family treated. Today, UHS is one of the most respected providers of hospital and healthcare services with over 400 hospitals, 94,000 employees and over $13 billion revenue.

When I shared my thoughts on the 2024 Knicks with Alan, (currently UHS Executive Chairman) — even though he is not a Knicks fan but a true 76ers fan — he added this insight about his connection between sports and business. “My early years in basketball set the foundation for my approach to business: work diligently, often into the night at the Y and afternoons at school. I was good because I used my athleticism (which I was born with and played every day of my younger years) to my advantage. Same in business, I lived on the red eye so after going all over the US to negotiate for hospitals, I wanted to be there for my children as they played sports on the weekends. All of my basketball practice paid off, like UHS. The attributes of perseverance and determination are enduring and lasting.”

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