Since acquiring its first hospital in 1979, UHS has been strongly committed to treating patients and staff members with utmost respect. We are proud of our reputation as a trusted healthcare provider and a valued partner in each of our local communities.

In 2022, UHS enhanced transparency regarding our long-standing procedures and processes that underscore our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments, processes and best practices to address areas needing improvement, and increased our focus on the development and execution of new initiatives supporting patients, employees and communities.

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Investment in Environmental Programs

  • Optimizing energy efficiencies
  • Create more eco-friendly and sustainable work environments
  • Practice responsible pollution and waste management
  • Incorporate environmental friendly Culinary practices and offerings (e.g.: expanding gluten-free and plant-based options)

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Our Commitment to Social Causes

  • Continue our impressive record of achievement and reputation
  • Support, protect and engage employees physicians, patients and served communities
  • Recognize and support diversity in our workforce
  • Create positive employment experience
  • Offer career development opportunities

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Our Governance Structure

  • Maintain commitment to operations that are ethical and compliant with all applicable laws/ regulations and aligned with our long-standing Principles
  • Uphold Risk Management and other teams, processes and policies that support employee and patient safety measures

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ESG in the UK: Cygnet

  • Environmental: As part of our commitment to having a positive impact on the environment, we are pushing forward with a number of initiatives to help achieve our net zero carbon targets.
  • Social: We celebrate diversity, inclusion and equality by welcoming everyone from all backgrounds and experiences.
  • Governance: We believe good governance is everyone’s responsibility and strive to foster a culture of openness.

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