UHS Liability Statement: UHS assumes that you, the patient, understands that you are giving access to a third-party consumer application to access your health information. UHS will not be liable for any Personal Health Information that may be released or accessed without your understanding or consent due to use of a third-party consumer application. You, the patient, assume all risks when allowing access to your health information through these applications. HIPAA may not apply to your data once it is disclosed through these applications. Please review the third-party privacy policies and terms of use carefully to find out how your data may be used and further disclosed.

Health Record Access Warning

There are various risks involved when you agree to give access to your health record to a third-party consumer application. Our electronic medical record vendor, Cerner, will now be allowing any consumer application to access your health record when you request it.

There are several trust levels that will be used to gauge how safe the application is for you to use. You will see this information when you set up your application access at the top of the screen.

Cerner Corp screen: Allow Some Health App to access your health information permission screen
Warnings: validated app, not validates, unknown app

Trust Levels may be any one of the following:

  • Validated: The app is Cerner-validated
  • Not Validated: The app is not Cerner-validated but does have a website with a certificate.
  • Unknown: The app has not satisfied Cerner requirements for access.
    There is a potential for a serious security risk and UHS strongly advises against connecting to an app with this trust level.

Application Access to Your Health Information

When requesting access to your health information, the application will present you with the following options:

Application access options

You will need to select each item to allow the app to access the document in the electronic health record. Once you click on the Allow Access button, the app will be able to search the electronic health record for this information.

Application Request to Access UHS’ Electronic Medical Record (Cerner)

If the consumer application you would like to use does not currently have access to UHS’ electronic medical record (Cerner), please direct the application developers to log a request by using the following link:
Consumer App Request for Cerner Access →