A message from Alan B. Miller and Marc Miller

Ethics and accountability are central to the core values and mission of UHS. Our patients and their families put their trust in us, as do our personnel, clinicians, vendors, business partners, investors and others, including the communities we serve. We share the important responsibility to continuously strive to achieve the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The Board of Directors and senior management of UHS are committed to compliance and ethical behavior. UHS has written this Code of Conduct to provide guidance on expectations for acceptable behavior for those who work on behalf of UHS. It provides a broad overview of compliance concepts and builds on the Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Standards, the UHS Compliance Manual, as well as the policies and procedures of our Compliance Program.

The Code of Conduct is one of the most important communications you will ever receive. It is the cornerstone of all UHS practices. You will need to read it from cover to cover. We expect you to understand and follow the Code of Conduct and help to make sure others do as well. Although no single document can provide all the answers, the Code of Conduct is a valuable resource designed to give guidance on where to turn if you see any inappropriate or unethical conduct or decisions being made.

Lead by example, ask questions if you don't know the answer, and report any problems or concerns about inappropriate or unethical actions. You can go to your supervisor, to management, to your facility compliance officer, UHS Compliance Office, or use other avenues described in this document, including the toll-free Compliance Hotline (1-800-852-3449) or via the Internet at www.uhs.alertline.com. UHS will not retaliate or tolerate any retaliation against you for reporting in good faith.

If we work together, we can achieve our goals — a work environment that puts patient care first and fosters service excellence, compassion, and the ethical and fair treatment of all.


Alan B. Miller, Executive Chairman of the Board
Marc D. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer