Bringing more help, hope and jobs to town

With the opening of Coral Shores Behavioral Health in Stuart, FL, UHS continues to make behavioral health services accessible to those in need.

Did you know?

As the largest facility-based behavioral health provider in the country, UHS serves more than 460,000 individuals each year. We recognize our responsibility to these individuals and their families and treat our patients with dignity and respect in a supportive, therapeutic environment.

The new Coral Shores Behavioral Health in Stuart, FL, is an 80-bed facility that is designed to support adults and older adults with specialty mental health, substance abuse and behavioral health services. Though built for today’s community needs, it’s also designed to serve an area that may change in the future.

Coral Shores Behavioral Health CEO Dustin Davis explains how the facility can adapt to meet the evolving needs of the community. “We will have four distinct units: an older adult unit, a dual diagnosis unit, a crisis stabilization unit (for involuntary patients), and an acute psychiatric unit.” Through this diversification of care services, Davis says Coral Shores is not only able to provide focused care based on need, but the facility can rebalance the type of services offered as future community needs arise.

Coral Shores will position itself as the leader in behavioral healthcare.

Dustin Davis CEO of Coral Shores Behavioral Health

The facility is also able provide outreach support. Coral Shores has a mobile assessment team that can go out into the community and respond to requests from local therapists’ offices, urgent care facilities and physicians’ offices to provide assessments, free-of-charge, to determine if the patient should be recommended for treatment at Coral Shores.

Communities need care services. Communities also need jobs. As Coral Shores has arrived in Stuart, jobs are following close behind.

Already underway, Davis anticipates hiring from 150 to 175 employees. This includes housekeepers, maintenance, social workers, nurses, mental health technicians, therapists, dietary staff, psychiatrists and internal medicine doctors.

“This is going to create great jobs for local county residents,” he said.

By offering a confidential, caring environment that promotes crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, personal growth and problem solving, the Coral Shores Behavioral Health facility hopes to prove itself as an important resource for the community.