Our purpose and inspiring outcomes motivate people to come and work with us from different backgrounds and experiences, from all corners of the country and indeed from across the world.

We listen to, are interested in and care for our colleagues and those who entrust us with their care.

Within Cygnet we encourage people to be their authentic selves whilst also being self-aware of how our actions and attitude can impact on others. We expect everyone to live our values of care, respect, empower, trust and integrity and in doing so to appreciate and learn from each other — whether that is from our teams, the wider Cygnet group or the people we care for. We believe we should embrace our differences, celebrate our community and constantly strive for a shared future where everyone feels welcome.

Cygnet’s Multicultural Network

Cygnet Multicultural Network logoThe Cygnet Multicultural Network is a vibrant forum that plays an instrumental role in providing a credible and unified voice for Minority Ethnic staff. The Network’s vision is to ACT:

Acknowledge the Past.
Change the Present.
Transform the Future.

With more than 100 multicultural ambassadors at Cygnet services around the U.K., the Network helps to promote inclusion and raise awareness of issues affecting ethnic minority staff and service users.

Since its inception the Cygnet’s Multicultural Network has expanded its offering to include:

  • A new mentorship program to support ethnic minority staff with personal and professional development.
  • ID badges now include the phonetic pronunciation of names if desired.
  • Inclusive interviews — The Network support interviews across Cygnet to ensure fairness and equality in our recruitment processes.
  • A review of Mandatory Equality and Diversity training along with Unconscious Bias training to ensure both are relevant to staff and services.

A robust action plan which was developed following Cygnet’s first Race Equality Survey.

Cygnet LGBTQ+ Network logoLGBTQ+ Network

The LGBTQ+ Network aims to collaboratively promote understanding and inclusivity within the workplace. It also provides a safe space for all LGBTQ+ people to discuss their unique experiences and share ideas of how we can support emotional wellness at work.

To mark LGBT History Month, our LGBTQ+ Network hosted an insightful webinar about gender identity. Co-Chair of Cygnet’s LGBTQ+ Network, Aaron Bergin, summed it up by saying:

“As a younger person, I could never have imagined being able to be so open about who I am and how I express myself, especially not at work, but my experience at Cygnet has been brilliant, they celebrate my diversity — I am able to bring my whole authentic self to work and that is empowering.

I am proud to Co-Chair our Network and have the opportunity to host staff forums, bring people together and talk freely about the LGBTQ+ community. I’m so passionate about encouraging greater understanding.

Being in a workplace that promotes inclusion with such supportive colleagues is something to really celebrate.”

Cygnet Women’s Network

Cygnet Womens NetworkThe Cygnet Women’s Network is an inclusive staff network for all women and those who identify as women. We warmly welcome others who would like to support the group as an ally.

The mission of the Network is to engage and empower women and their allies across Cygnet, enabling them to connect with and support each other in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

The Network’s aims and priorities include:

  • Educating:
    Sharing experiences and providing resources on topics about women’s mental / physical health and concerns.
  • Supporting:
    Supporting each other in a safe space through challenging times.
  • Celebrating:
    Celebrating our skills, talents and achievements and sharing those experiences.
  • Developing:
    Identify opportunities for learning. Developing women in their careers and supporting positive enforcement around women as leaders.