ESG brochure cover As a trusted provider, UHS is keenly aware of its social responsibilities and we continually look to offer meaningful support of our various stakeholders. We are committed to improving our environmental stewardship and sustainability, developing and maintaining valued relationships with employees, patients and local communities, while utilizing well-respected governing practices.

In 2021, we significantly expanded our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profile. We invite you to learn more about our sustainability efforts and achievements delivered, as well as some key initiatives and practices we have in place to protect, serve and support our stakeholder groups and served communities.

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Quote: “As a healthcare company, social responsibilities are at the core of what we do — each and every day. Therefore, we are committed to investing in environmentally favorable practices, supporting and celebrating our employees, patients and local communities, and implementing appropriate governance measures with integrity. “

Marc D. Miller

President and Chief Executive Officer

Investment in Environmental Programs

  • Optimizing energy efficiencies, including exploring opportunities for green building
  • Using processes/services to make work environments more eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Practicing responsible pollution and waste management, including use of reprocessing and waste diversion tactics
  • Expanding menus to include more gluten-free and plant-based offerings

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Our Commitment to Social Causes

  • Continue our impressive record of achievement and reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality healthcare services
  • Support, protect, serve and engage with key stakeholders, including employees, physicians, patients and served communities
  • Recognize and support diversity in our workforce
  • Continue to create positive employment experiences and offer career development opportunities

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Our Governance Structure

  • Corporate and local leadership are committed to healthcare operations that are ethical and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as aligned with our long-established Principles
  • Risk Management teams with dedicated Corporate Loss Control and Claims, as well as Environmental Risk and Emergency Management departments to support employee and patient safety measures

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ESG in the UK: Cygnet Health Care

  • Environmental: Our Co-Sustain initiative empowers service users and staff to take sustainability into their own hands.
  • Social: We celebrate diversity, inclusion and equality by welcoming everyone from all backgrounds and experiences. Recently, we established the Cygnet Multicultural Network and LGBTQ+ Network as part of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
  • Governance: We believe good governance is everyone’s responsibility and strive to foster a culture of openness.

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